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김도영(SunShine)  |  조회수 :473  |  2018-01-29 (15:40)

이것또한 혼자 DIY할수있는 수준의것은 아닌듯하지만, 양키들은 역시....ㅎㄷㄷ 하군요.

심지어 작업시간도 2시간쯤...

I'll get this started and add pictures and verbiage. I won't cover things like how to jack up your ride, disconnect the battery or have the spose provide you and the boys with beverage and food..

How hard: 1968 Big block Mustang is a 10 hard, a 1988 Fox Mustang is a 1 easy, a 1988 LS1 Camaro is 4: The 2016 SS is easier than a LS1, so it is a 3 on the hard scale.

Tools, this is the MOST important part, don't try it without the right tools.

24 V 3/8 driver impact driver or air ratchet (slightly bigger than a mouse chet)
1/4 drive: flex head ratchet, a long handle 1/4 drive flex head about 1 foot Kobalt makes a nice one), 13mm deep socket, short extension.

3/8 drive: breaker bar, flex head ratchet, 3 extensions, really short like 3/4 of an inch, short, kinda short like 3", don't say oh I can do this without these cause you aint. 13mm deep drive, a 13mm kinda deep may also help.

Assorted tools.

Drivers side:
Take off a few of the oil vapor lines easy and they get in the way and are easy to damage

Pull off the CAI (It is easy and leaves lots of room, not needed but I did it).

Pull plugs and wires, I had to twist the wire on the plug side A LOT before I could pull these off. I found using the correct 3/8 extension 3/4" which is really short one the most useful in pulling the out plugs. I had all three extensions at the ready and setup the right one by eyeball.

Take off top header shield with 1/4 inch I think there were 10mm. Only the three easy to get to bolts are needed, if they look hard to get to, you don't need to take them off to get the top shield off.

Header itself, break all bolts with 13mm and 3/8 flex head, once again it seemed the shortest extension is the most useful.

If you have an air ratchet luck you and just ratchet them off starting with the hardest to get to ones, the back one...

1/4 drive is your friend here as you can get a lot longer throw, GM used a thread locker on it so it will be a long haul and you don't want to be fooling around with a 3/8 ratchet. Don't tell anyone I just used me long Kobalt 1/4 driver on the passenger side to both break and take them off.

If this is done on a lift, It probably is better to crack the 4 collector bolts first. I'll just cut and paste the DYI of front cat removal here when I find it.

45 minutes. A lot longer if you don't have the couple extensions to do it right the first time.

Take off all three engine covers:

Passenger side:
Take off the coolant overflow:
Take off coil cover the top bracket to dipstick (all torx)
Take off bracket holding coil pack wire harness (thick), same bracket holds PS lines. 
Cut the two zip ties that hold the wire harness to the PS pump, you will hate yourself if you want to save a couple of bucks and try to squeeze the ripple clips out.
Take off the front t wo coil pack wires
Take off the electric plug to the purge solenoid on top of the manifold
Take off spark plug wires
There is so much room I did not remove the plugs on this side!
Take off header shield three easy to get to bolts
Now the fun begins: move the wire harness and take the first front bolt off, I used my 1/4 inch long handle and a single deep socket, this is by the hardest to get to, and if you did not take the wire harness off good luck. Break all the rest of the bolts and take off starting with the back, the hardest one to get to and work forward. 
If you have a lift take off the 4 bolts to downpipe / front cat, I could reach one with a slightly longer short socket and a whobble extension, if you don't have one it will be tight and you need a 15mm wrench. 

Total time 35 minutes drivers side top

45 minutes passenger side top
35 minutes under the car for the front cats, use lots of lubricant and electric tools.

Install is reverse and I had NO issues..

일단 영어 그대로 퍼왔는데, 시간되는대로 해석을 하겠습니다. ㅎㅎ

  • 이상현(모터헤드)  |  2018-01-29 16:11:16
영상 설명이 있어도 후덜덜할거같은데..ㅎㅎ
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